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Engineered Parquet Flooring


Engineered Flooring Breakdown

Parquet wood flooring is all engineered by type as this has much greater stability than solid Parquet flooring. Pre-finished parquet flooring is a great advantage as it eliminates the messy and time-consuming task of sanding and finishing on site. Engineered parquet flooring is made up of many layers fixed and epoxy glued together, with a top layer (or wear layer) of beautiful hardwood which is glued to a base of plywood. The base layer significantly increases stability and help to prevent shrinkage, cupping, and warping. 

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All our standard engineered parquet wood flooring comes boxed and prefinished from the manufacturing plant with a lacquer finish and requires no further finishing after installation. Prefinished engineered parquet flooring is the way of the future, making life easy for you. Not only appropriate for flooring, but most of this collection is also perfect for bar counters, feature walls and ceilings! Nufloors Also Stocks Unfinished Parquet Flooring - Check out our range Here

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Engineered Flooring Breakdown

The Benefits of Oak Parquetry Engineered Wooden Floors?

It is unique to this type of Oak parquet wooden flooring. Whether you’re in reconstruction or just need a change, engineered oak parquet floors are an ideal design choice. New Engineered Timber parquet flooring can create any space, helping update and develop any area. Adding a feeling of warmth, richness, and uplift value to any home, looking great for years and often taking on their patina and character over time.

So, why choose Engineered Oak parquet flooring?

It provides a natural, comfortable surface that is aesthetically stunning. It will continue to look beautiful for many years to come, and Oak parquet flooring is known for being highly durable. Due to the longevity of this surface, it makes it exceptional value for money, as it will leave you with a surface that can last a lifetime. Even if any damage is done, it is easy to resurface and restore the oak timber parquet floors back to the original state, so in that respect, there isn’t much risk associated with this type of wooden flooring. 

You can have peace of mind when hosting a party or be worrying when you drop a bottle of red wine, unlike carpet, Parquetry Timber floors can be cleaned up in a matter of minutes, with no damage in sight. 

An ecological choice?

Timber floors are also a smart choice for the environment. A natural, renewable and sustainable material, wood stores positive carbon. It also has very high insulation properties, and low energy levels required for production.

Robust, low-maintenance wood flooring?

As previously mentioned, parquet hardwood flooring is highly durable; It is an easy surface to keep clean with the use of a damp mop, As a solid surface, it will not harbor dirt, pet hairs, dust mites or molds, ensuring a better living environment for allergy sufferers.

Some of the major decisions, when choosing parquet timber floor coverings is often related to cost, longevity, maintenance, and convenience. Hardwood floorboards are hard to overlook as they provide an easy solution to all of these questions while leaving you with a fantastic addition to your home.

A diverse range of designs?

Parquet Timber floors come in numerous colours, textures, and sizes, making them a very flexible material to work with. Our specialist collection ranges from pale Whitewashed to warmer dark browns, right through to darker woods, such as the brown/black varieties. Oak timber species can also be stained to create a blackened finish or whitewashed to create a much paler finish. Dark floors can add drama and contrast, however, if you decide to go very dark be aware that dirt will be more noticeable. Mid-range colours are more forgiving. Light floors will look more contemporary.

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If you would like stunning hardwood parquet floors in your residence or commercial building, please feel free to give our specialists a call on 1800 683-566 to book a consultation and receive a free quote. We are more than happy to guide you through our processes and to discuss design detail.major and minor Jobs as required.  The friendly Oak floor installers at NuFloors are fully experienced and are more than willing to guide you through the floor installation process whether your required finish is Oil, solvent or water-based polyurethane.

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European Oak Parquet Flooring   Build your look! - Herringbone Oak flooring

Pro-Plank Parquet Oak comes unfinished with a lightly brushed surface, enabling you to stain and coat your floor as desired. Parquetry flooring has a wear layer of proper European Oak in a prime grade which means it has minimal knots, giving a smooth, uniform look to the boards. A fantastic starting place for modern or minimalist interiors. 

European Parquetry Oak Flooring   Build your look! - Medium Chevron Oak flooring

Pro-Plank Parquetry Oak comes unfinished with a lightly brushed surface, enabling you to stain and coat your floor as required. Parquetry flooring has a wear layer of genuine European Oak in a feature grade which means it has knots and general feature for a character look. 

Parquet floors are a beautiful, classic and timeless investment for your home.

Parquet flooring is an age-old technique that is used to create stunning floors. From stately homes to churches, hotels and sporting venues, parquet is simply the best money can buy. It is incredibly hard wearing, all engineered timber flooring, easy to care for and offers you a stunning choice of design and colours.

Appreciate parquet designs in natural, engineered wood created specially to suit your situation, desire, and Style. With parquetry flooring, there is no limit to a significant range of alternatives using the block, chevron, herringbone or mosaic techniques to make beautiful patterns, features borders, colours and finishes to enhance the look of your home or office.

Parquet flooring as individual as you are!, Parquet flooring is an age-old flooring method that produces beautiful floors. Parquetry floors are incredibly hard-wearing, natural, and sourced from sustainable timbers, easy to care for and offers you a stunning choice for your clients to envy. Parquet flooring allows you to imagine.

With a huge range of options using the block or mosaic strategies to make unique patterns, features borders, colours, and finishes to decorate the design of your home or office; you are not limited to the designs that can be created.

Having Oak Parquet Flooring in your home is a great asset to your property. Easily maintained and dust free, Oak Parquetry Engineered floors are an authentic and charming, appealing architectural designs. At Nufloors Australia, our specialist service teams have provided Oak Timber parquetry flooring in many different residential and commercial properties.

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